On 20 October, the Government of Tajikistan of the Republic of Tajikistan will host a set of following visits to sightseeing/historical sites for interested Conference participans:
1. Visiting Rogun city
Rogun city is located 115 km further from the center of Dushanbe on the bank of the Vakhsh River. The Rogun HPP, the construction of which continues to this day, is the largest in Central Asia. The design capacity of the Rogun HPP is 3600 MW and consists of 6 units with the capacity of 600 MW and the dam height is more than 335 meters. At full load, it could generate 17 billion kWh of electricity per year.
2. Visiting the Hissor fortress.

The Hissor fortress has a 3000-year history, and the findings of scientists indicate that it dates back to the Bronze Age and consists of 9 layers of composition. Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Visiting the entertainment complex «Sharshara». Entertainment complex «Sharshara» occupies a total area of 3.5 hectares and is surrounded by 105 thousands of units of beautiful flowers and shrubs.

Taking the opportunity, tourists can spend all year round surrounded by beauty of natural landscapes.

3. Visit the architectural complex of the symbol "Istiklol" (Independence), "Istiklol" square.
The height of the Istiklol Complex is 121 meters and the lower part of the complex is 30 meters, and the upper part is 91 meters. The total area of the Istiklol complex is 11,900 square meters, the area of the constructed object is 4,761 square meters. At the top of the complex is an 8 meter high titanium crown. In the symbol of "Istiklol", the crown embodies the symbol of statehood and knowledge of the history of the ancient Tajik people. The complex consists of 7 entrances.